LAMNIDIS LAW provides sector-focused legal services to local and international clients within the investment and operation business process including all aspects related to corporate affairs, M&A, real estate, privatisations, banking & finance, commercial law and dispute resolution.

We serve clients across a range of industries including Energy and Natural Resources, Transport and Infrastructure, Real Estate, Technology, Health, Banking and Finance and Construction.


Energy and Natural Resources

  • Legal support in the preparation and drafting of secondary legislation required for operational permits for electricity, heating, oil and gas and RES
  • Amendment of national legislation on oil products
  • Developing a BOT scheme for an oil terminal in Moldova
  • Elaboration of various draft laws for the regulation of petroleum market in several countries
  • Legal assessment on energy transactional documents
  • Conformity check of various national energy laws with the EU Acquis on oil and gas, electricity and RES
  • Review of EU Member States legislation on oil stock reporting
  • Developing the legal framework for gas transmission systems in several Former soviet states, according to the EU standards
  • Due diligence financing acquisitions on RES projects (wind, solar, hydro) and provided legal support with the development and construction phases
  • Developing legislative changes on construction and operation of underground gas storage facilities in Georgia
  • Analysis of Romania’s legal framework on constructing new pipelines (permits, right of way, authorisations and environmental issues)
  • Negotiation and conclusion of an interstate agreement on an oil and gas legal and institutional transportation framework between 22 countries, in line with the EU’s Energy Charter and EU legislation
  • Drafting of legal documents for several power projects in Greece and abroad
  • Legal support to developers for construction and installation of photovoltaic installation projects in Greece
  • Legal project management for large scale energy projects
  • Legal support with the financing of an oil upstream project

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Drafting of transport legislation in NIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) in line with EU Acquis and international treaties
  • Development of framework for institutional and legal reforms in NIS countries in the transport and infrastructure sectors
  • Elaboration of a legal and institutional framework for the establishment and operation of a multi-model oil transportation system from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to the Georgian ports to the Black Sea
  • Developing a Guide on international conventions and agreements for the TRACECA countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)
  • Developing the Annexes of a multilateral agreement for the TRACECA countries including the introduction of EU standards on operating licenses and driving hours, trade facilitation, freight forwarding, customs procedure and investments
  • Review of legislation related to ports
  • Legal due diligence on ports for their exploitation through privatisation processes
  • Developing a concession agreement for an EBRD project of the Poti Port Grain Terminal
  • Developing Georgia’s maritime legislation, including provisions on the introduction of the Georgian flag for maritime transportation in Black Sea
  • Legal conformity checks of Greece’s and Cyprus’ national legislation with the EU Directives 2014/45, 2014/46 and 2014/47
  • Legal conformity checks of the EU Member States’ national measures taken to transpose the EU Directives related to the environment for transport and infrastructure projects
  • Legal analysis on the status of Caspian Sea and Bosporus straits
  • Legal assistance during the financing stage of large-scale transport and infrastructure projects

Real Estate

  • Legal due diligence on the acquisition of commercial privately-owned real estate
  • Identification of risk relating to real estate transactions
  • Legal assessment of issues related to the acquisition of real estate (taxation, environmental, urban issues)
  • Drafting of real estate sale and purchase agreements
  • Legal advice on the privatisation of public real estate in Greece and twelve other countries
  • Legal advice on large-scale real estate development projects
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing acquisitions of hotel complexes
  • Supporting privatisation agencies with the privatisation of ports and marinas in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
  • Supporting state organisations and private entities in developing logistic centres and PPP agreements for port development
  • Legal due diligence on NPL portfolio secured with real estate assets
  • Advice on M&As related to the acquisition of large-scale hotel chain in Europe
  • Legal due diligence related to permits and licenses of hotels
  • Analysis of environmental issues related to the construction and operation of hotels
  • Legal advice on the restructuring of loans for several debtors for various hotels
  • Legal advice on the licensing during the development period, financing and legal support during the operational period of hotel complexes


  • Analysis of the legislation of several countries related to new technologies, innovation, startups’ funding for IT projects
  • Legal advice on ICT projects
  • Legal support with the establishment of a telecommunication company
  •  Support with the tendering process for the IT taxation systems
  • Legal support with the development of technological parks
  • Litigation for IP rights on long-term disputes concerning banking and insurance IT systems
  • Legal support with the development of advanced waste management system
  • Legal support with the implementation of floating photovoltaic parks
  • Analysis of European legislation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Legal support with applied civil use of UAVs for the monitoring of oil pipelines and energy installations
  • Legal support with development of civil use of ACVs (hovercrafts) for transportation of personnel and cargo in offshore energy installations


  • Legal advice on licensing and development of pharmaceutical cannabis plants
  • Legal advice on the sale of a hospital
  • Legal advice on national legislation and EU Acquis related to health issues
  • Legal support with the creation of a pharmaceuticals and medical consumables conglomerate
  • Legal support with management buyout of a medical consumables trading company
  • Legal advice on the development, construction and operation of the largest hospital in Greece
  • Legal advice on the development of healthcare centres
  • Legal support with the creation of a trading network for hospital consumables
  • Legal support with the creation of a pharmaceutical factories (licensing, approval from healthcare organisations, financing, development agreements)
  • Legal support with the financial restructuring of a hospital
  • Legal support with the financing of the equipment of a hospital

Banking and Finance

  • Legal advice on restructuring of loans and NPLs
  • Legal advice on restructuring agreements and relevant court decisions for large industries
  • Legal advice on restructuring commercial companies
  • Legal advice on restructuring hotels
  • Drafting of restructuring agreements
  • Legal and advisory services for loan agreements
  • Negotiations on the settlement of NPLs
  • Legal advice on the acquisition of NPL portfolios
  • Legal advice on financing of large-scale infrastructure projects related to electricity transmission networks, gas underground storage facilities, oil terminals, metering stations, gas metering calibration centres
  • Legal support with PPP projects
  • Legal advice on construction financing and project financing


  • Review of legislation on environment and urban planning for infrastructure projects
  • Settlement of disputes related to construction projects
  • Legal advice on financing of construction projects
  • Negotiations of terms and conditions for large construction projects during public tendering process
  • Identification of legal barriers for the construction of infrastructure projects
  • Legal support with large-scale housing projects
  • Legal support with construction agreements for real estate and hotel development
  • Legal support and preparation of tender dossier for the construction of large-scale energy, industry and infrastructure projects
  • Legal support with the construction of water desalination projects
  • Drafting of construction and operation agreements according to international standards and FIDIC rules